What is a roll off dumpster?  

We deliver "roll off" dumpsters to use for the removal of construction wasterubbish, trash from commercial or residential cleanups of warehouse, office and retail spaces, basements, attics garages storage sheds and more. We believe that renting a dumpster should be simple and pain free. When the dumpster becomes full or the job is completed the customer calls to have the dumpster removed or exchanged with an empty. Arrow is responsible for the appropriate and responsible disposal of the dumpsters contents.

What sizes are the dumpsters?  

We have 3 different size dumpsters for you to choose from - depending on the size of your job. If you need some help figuring out exactly what you may need just give us a call - or shoot us a message.10 yard dumpster: Dimensions - 8' wide x 13' long x 4' tall15 yard dumpster: Dimensions - 8' wide x 13' long x 5' tall20 yard dumpster: Dimensions - 8' wide x 13' long x 6' tallIf more than one dumpster is required, there is a charge for every dumpster delivered to the location. The cost of the dumpster rental is based on the dumpster size, the type of and anticipated weight of the refuse, location, etc. 

What are the benefits of a roll off dumpster?

The "roll off" feature of our dumpsters combined with our specialized delivery vehicles and hoisting equipment, enable us to place and retrieve dumpsters quickly and safely from locations not accessible to larger trucks. All of our drivers complete a rigorous safety and training program that is unparalleled in the industry. Our drivers make every effort to place the dumpsters in the customer's preferred location. However, our drivers are not permitted to place containers in unsafe locations or where damage to property is likely to result.

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